Placement Policy

  1. Registration with the Placement and Higher Education Committee is mandatory in order to participate in the placement activities.
  2. All registered students should submit the following within three days of registration:
    1. Copy of their latest resume.
    2. 2 passport size photographs.
    3. Photocopies of relevant testimonials/certificates.
  3. Any change of mail id or mobile number should be immediately intimated as, at times, information to students may be sent through their registered mobile number and/ or registered email address.
  4. Students should have consistently good attendance and academic record to avail the services of the Placement and Higher Education Committee.
  5. Students should be regular in attending the events and training sessionsorganized for their benefit by the College. It is mandatory for all the students registering for placements to have minimum 75% attendance in the Preparatory sessions.
  6. The resume submitted by applicants should strictly adhere to the format prescribed by the Placement and Higher Education Committee (until mentioned otherwise). Otherwise, the application will be rejected.
  7. Deadlines will not be extended under any circumstances.
  8. All communications with the organization will be through the Placement and Higher Education Committee only and in case the student is in any direct contact with the organization, the student must inform the committee about the same immediately.
  9. If a student has applied for a job/internship in an organization and gets shortlisted for an interview, it is mandatory for the student to appear for the same.
  10. A Student can participate in any number of placements till the student secures a job offer. At times, companies/universities may prescribe certain criteria other than eligibility etc. to create a filter for assessing the students. This will be binding on the students.
  11. If a student misses 2 drives for which the student was eligible and it was his area of interest, it would be taken as a case of non-seriousness & the student might be permanently debarred from availing Placement services.
  12. If the student has been selected in the campus interview and has received an appointment letter, he/she shall be out of the placement process.
  13. If a student gets selected for a job/internship in an organization, he/she shall mail the offer letter to the Placement cell, failing which the Placement and Higher Education Committee has the right to take appropriate action.
  14. If any student confirms to join any organization for any position, he/she shall join the organization on the proposed date. Any change or rejection after confirmation should be communicated to the Placement and Higher Education Committee well in advance.
  15. Students should maintain the decorum and the image of the institute in every interaction with the representatives of any organization.
  16. In case, if a student does not wish to continue any job/internship due to genuine reasons, he/she has to inform the Placement and Higher Education Committee immediately before directly informing the employer.
  17. Students violating any of the above- mentioned rules and regulations or found indulging in any act of indiscipline/misbehavior thereby earning a bad name for the Institute, will be debarred from availing any further placement facilities and are liable for strict disciplinary action.
  18. The Principal of Thakur Ramnarayan College of Arts and Commerce reserves the right to disallow any student to appear for campus interview, on disciplinary grounds.
  19. Relocation from the city will be completely at the discretion of the organization. If any opportunity, after accepting, is rejected by the candidate, on the basis of relocation, then the student shall not be allowed for any further opportunity from the Placement and Higher Education Committee.
  20. The Placement and Higher Education Committee does not guarantee a job.

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